The Innacomm Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) range of ADSL Routers and Residential Gateways is outr own flagship product. Developed and Manufactured entirely in-house, these CPE’s has been enabling broadband across Malaysia for the last 6 years.


Innatech serves the following Industry groups:

- Telecommunication and Cellular Services
- Data Centers and Hosting Companies
- Public and Private Business Premises
- Construction & Property Development   Companies
- Airport Terminals
- Private and Public Colleges and Universities
- Government Sectors and Municipalities
- Defense and Protection Services
- Factories and Commercial Companies
- Shipyards and Ports

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Our Solutions

- Network Switches, Routers and Load Balancers
- Intelligent Integrated Network Monitoring System
- Security Log Managers
- Wireless Mobility Systems
- AAA Subscriber/Guest Management System
- Closed Circuit Camera (CCTV) and Monitoring
- Intrusion Prevention Systems
- FTTH Fiber Optics and Metro-E solution
- Wireless Hotspot and Hotzone Solutions
- Software Systems Development

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Our Company’s Spectrum of Services includes:

- Solution Integrators
- Network Design & Consultancy
- Infrastructure Cabling
- Wireless Networks
- Security and Control
- Nationwide Support
- Distribution

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